Remote Work and Anti-Racism: Is there a Common Ground?

No one knew when the clock struck 12 on December 31st, 2019 that 2020 will transform into a nightmare for so many of us. Protests, riots, calamities, loss of innumerable lives and so much more! Name it and this year has the potential to demonstrate it all. But with these things happening all around the globe, a cryptic message is being delivered too. It’s time for a change and people are going to fight against anything and everything, no matter how rough the situation gets.

The recent unrest in America is going strong even during a pandemic which shows how determined people are. People won’t stay silent anymore and will fight for their rights. It’s high time we uproot the evils in the society which unfortunately still exist because of some very morbid minds.

Anti-Racism refers to fighting against racist thoughts and beliefs deeply etched into the minds of people through initiating changes on a political and social level. Do you see any common ground with remote work here? I’m not saying they’re exactly the same but aren’t their foundations laid on the same level?

Equality! Yes, equality and uniform access to everyone irrespective of their caste, color, creed, and background.

People often discriminate and generalize remote workers into the category of people who aren’t responsible and committed to their work. A common notion is that their work is stress-free and smooth as no one scrutinizes their habits. Freelancing and remote working jobs are often considered a side hustle, requiring a lower sense of responsibility.

These typical opinions are very unfair as some people have to work remotely because of various personal issues. A broad segment of society still condemns the work culture because of old ideologies. As a matter of fact, remote-work has been concluded to be much more productive as compared to regular jobs in terms of growth.

Communication is no more a hurdle because of various social media platforms and the company culture doesn’t get impacted. Remote work has now unleashed so many new opportunities for all us that would not have been possible otherwise.

Racism is a common evil that still exists in many workplaces. People judge you on the basis of your origin forming unpleasant opinions about you. That isn’t the case with remote work anymore. You can co-work with your teammates from a distance, feeling sorry about their existence and continue your hustle without their intervention and negativity. Not just this, you can also change their minds and make them realize how wrong they’re. You can challenge their accusations and stereotypes. This way you’ll not only stand up against what’s wrong but also feel safe and calm because of the distance. The remote work culture creates room for change and discussion.

It takes a few like-minded people to bring about a revolution. What seemed like a luxury and impossibility in the past is now the future. Every organization has to work virtually because of COVID right now and many might continue this culture post-Corona too. Similarly, now is the time to fight for who you’re. Racism isn’t factual. It doesn’t just exist and you simply can not live with it anymore. It needs to be completely eradicated or many innocent people will lose their lives!

Some of us are lucky enough to not worry about getting fired from a job because of how we look.

We all are capable of making the change we envision. Together we can fight against discrimination and advocate liberty. Humans were brought to Earth so that they can fight for their rights and that’s the true need of the hour. Let’s make the world great again!

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