Is it Really Working From Home or Living at Work?

1. Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries while working from home is the foremost rule of survival. If you usually did not start working before nine ‘O’clock in your office, then just don’t. Use the extra time of commute for yourself. Exercise, read a book, and have a healthy breakfast. Set a time for wrapping up your work. Don’t pile up work for weekends, they are supposed to be your ‘not at work’ time. These measures can do wonders for your mental health.

2. Separate ‘Work’ and ‘Life’

As simple as it sounds, separating your work from your life does require some complete change in your habits. Set a different place for working. Do not work sitting on your couch in front of the TV and never work lying on the bed. Your bed is supposed to be your sacred place for relaxing and sleeping soundly, don’t ruin it. You convert a small corner of your house into your ‘house office’. It will also help you to focus while working by providing a working environment.

Take Breaks

Do you feel guilty for taking a 30-minute break for scrolling through your phone or wandering while you are supposed to be working? Well, you do not need to be. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just think of it as the time when you used to talk to your colleagues in between work, celebrating countless birthdays, or taking various tea breaks for ‘office gossip’.

Use Sprint

Do not target all your work at once. It will only make it seem unattainable and make you more stressed. Use a sprint. Break your work into small and attainable tasks that can be completed in one to two hours. Schedule the most important tasks in earlier sprints. You will be surprised to see how much work you can get done like this without noticing.

Spend Time With Your Family

Wasn’t spending time with your family the whole point behind why you wanted to work from home in the first place? Then do that instead of working endlessly and feeling depressed. Make it a rule to always eat with your family, have a late-night chat with them, play games with them, or watch TV with them. You will feel much more satisfied once you start realizing the value of that time spent with your family.

Prioritize Balance (at first, productivity will come later itself)

Do not work round the clock just because you are not able to meet your or your employer’s expectations. No one can expect you to sit in front of your computer 24 hours a day. Prioritize balance at first, productivity will come itself later once you start understanding your most efficient schedule. Take small breaks in between, play with your dog, or take a power nap if you need to.



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