India’s reception of virtual staffing rises by 10% with increased SMEs/Startups

Startups are currently booming in the Indian economy, and we couldn’t be prouder of a nation that pushes forth new ideas and SMEs.

This allows Indians to dream bigger and continue to achieve those dreams. An astonishing 95 percent of our Industrial units belong to SMEs and that’s huge! Not only that they produce over 6000 products and conduct 40 percent of the total exports.

The idea of a startup was once an unheard fact and people solely relied on already established businesses. But not anymore, with startups and SMEs people have more choices and they are willing to try them out, startups are giving tough competition to businesses that have been there for long. The business world that was once so hierarchal and patrilineal has now become the diverse interactive space constantly open to new ideas.

But being a startup can still be tough because you still have so much to worry about. You have to hire people for every sector, you have to get business loans, you have to find a good location for your office and all of that combined can still be a stressful situation, which is why so many startups are considering Virtual Staff.

A Growup Virtual Employee is not just cheap but also reliable and trained. These people work from home and have greater work ethics than a regular employee. For a Startup that does not yet have designated infrastructural space, this is a perfect solution. You can ask a Virtual Assistant to do almost anything and they would do it.

Your business would be in the hands of a perfectionist who does not require the everyday benefits of an employee. They also go beyond the working hours of 9–5 because it is the ease of working at home Most millennials prefer to work from home because they get to do what they love and do it for so many companies. The reason virtual staffing is growing is not just because people are considering it for their careers but also because companies cannot help but see the true magic of a Virtual Assistant.

A person sitting in a completely different area can design your company’s logo without any other training because with they already come with so many experiences, these people aren’t just students but a wide variety of the human demographic.

On a regular business day, you have over 100+ tasks to accomplish, and most of them are tasks that take hours and would still feel incomplete. A Virtual Assistant can not only accomplish those tasks but also make sure that you get the time to do work on things that are of substance. Virtual Assistants work according to your time, For example, if you are a real estate agent, the job requires you to be active beyond the normal working hours of 9–5, while you are away spending some personal time, we can be active and reply to your customers.

At Growup, there is also an understanding that not every business requires VA’s specialized tasks. A small business owner might not need a VA that specialized in just one task, but instead, they might need one that can help with multiple tasks, which is also something a VA can provide.

As we grow towards a more technologically advanced world, Virtual Assistants are the bright future that will help you get the push your start-up needs or give your old established business new ideas. Virtual Assistants are not just a faraway thought, they are available and just a click away. So with the growing number of Startups, it is lovely to hear India opening up Virtual Staffing and how easy and important it is.

What does Growup Beleive in!

Growup’s main focus is to outsource talented and efficient virtual employees to clients all around the world. Growup was founded by Individuals who believed in a more cost-effective, affordable structure that promoted work for all regardless of their demographic. Growup believes that the true capacity of any individual lies beyond a 9–5 desk job. Whether a student right out of college or a working mom, you have an opportunity to showcase your skills but in the comfort of your own space. More companies including startups and established businesses are hiring Virtual Assistants because not only are they experts at what they do but also do not require any sort of employee benefits such as infrastructural space, medical insurance or paid leaves.

Written By: Asmita Seth for Growup Technologies

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