How hiring a Virtual Assistant can save you time and money?

“You only have so many hours in a day, let others make the money for you” is an adage and with the passage of time has not lost its importance! Truly, a genius in one quote by Nick Haase, — we aren’t denying!

For a successful entrepreneur, growth can mean extreme wealth. But with extreme wealth comes extreme responsibility. And the responsibility for an entrepreneur is to invest in creating new businesses, tap on unchartered territories, endure the best resources, and to put money aside to tackle issues where they can make a difference in their respective industry. But, how do they do it? With endless commitments, absolutely 0-hour leisure time, orders to fill, products to create, long letters to write, mailers to schedule — the list is likely unending.

Ah! The wonders of technology are truly a boom and professionals living in the century should thank their stars! The truth? One person cannot do it all! This is where a Virtual Assistant/ Virtual Employee comes in!

We know the next array of questions. Who are Virtual Employees? What about money? Is she/he equivalent to a personal assistant? Are VA’s cost-effective? Would hiring a Virtual Assistant save time and money? What about training and reporting?

Our piece covers all your answers vis-à-vis hiring a Virtual Assistant for your business or organization. Let us unwrap it all for you, categorically…

Virtual assistants were an integral part of the 2007 bestselling book The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. Ferriss claimed to have hired virtual assistants to check his email, pay his bills and run parts of his company

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A VA is someone that you can hire (outsource) to take some of the daily, specific/generic work off of your to-do list so you have ample time to dedicate to the rest of your business or direct your focus to do what you love for sheer passion or otherwise. Delegate things that consume all your time and energy, the things you don’t enjoy doing but do for the sake of completion. A VA can offer help with all the specific/generic tasks and allows one to start feeling overwhelmed about getting things done.

A virtual Assistant serves its client as an imaginary assistant. Raised brows? It is true, in the most literal sense of the term as a VA works on an “as-needed basis” for running a business without glitches.

Job Description: Virtual Assistant

Imagine a VA as someone who is an employee that performs hourly/weekly and even monthly work for you, but remotely! Some virtual assistants do proofreading and editing for a writer, others can help you set up calls for your next big appointments and meetings, some can help you with database management and accounting, while others can work on your blog or website, to name a few.

Skill Set Required for becoming a Virtual Assistant

>Data entry
>Internet research,
>Customer service support,
>Email services,
>Administrative support,
>Social Media Management and, much more…

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The Big Difference — Virtual Assistant v/s Personal Assistant

Deploying a virtual personal assistant versus someone who is physically at your premises has its pros, but some individuals are still reluctant to go virtual when they’re looking to hire just a personal assistant — and they’re plausible in their desire to thoughtfully consider the merits and demerits of each assistant category.

If you are at crossroads wondering whether it was better to find the best virtual assistant you could or to employ a personal assistant you can meet with regularly, this article is for you. It gives a fresh perspective to hover over at the realities of living with your ultimate recruiting decision. Even if you’re just considering getting a digital assistant for your iPhone, it’s wise to contemplate every odd chance first.

Both personal and virtual assistants hold a plethora of capabilities to help revolutionize business. The critical focus is to tap on the right areas of application in your business to leverage both of these aspects.

Virtual Assistants v/s Personal Assistant

You probably don’t want to hire a virtual assistant if you need someone to sit at the front desk of your office to greet customers and answer phones or if your servers aren’t cloud-based.

Additionally, if you get high levels of anxious despair when you don’t know what your assistant is doing at any given point of time, or you have a hard time exercising control, a virtual assistant may not fit the right bill for your business.

The virtual assistant takes on all administrative expenses related to the working process and pays for office materials that he consumes. Her working time is not fixed but flexible and she may have days off at any time she wants. In the same time, her remuneration is not fixed and may vary.

It is difficult to estimate the true size of the Virtual Assistant industry. valued the global market for outsourced services at USD 85.6 billion in 2018. Another recent report suggested that the VA industry will grow at a CAGR of 4.4% between 2018 and 2022.

Can hiring a Virtual Assistant save my time and money?

When you’re considering leveraging a virtual employee, it’s because you want to free up your time to make more money for your business, as we discussed at the very beginning of our piece.

# A VA is a hands-on professional running a business to the table. They can review your existing systems and make recommendations on methods or technologies to streamline your operations. What else is required?

# A VA can research suppliers and suggest more cost-effective alternatives, allowing you to be better updated about what works best for your business.

# With a tailored reminder service, a VA can respond to meeting requests as well as keep you informed of upcoming events. Plan ahead and get-on-the-go with the right VA at the place!

# To optimize your marketing plans and budget, a specialized VA can show you where to concentrate your efforts and achieve your digital marketing goals!

# A VA will submit your appropriate reports on Return on Investments for every campaign planned.

# A VA can assist you in designing a web design that is user-friendly and presents an image that potential customers will enjoy and visit frequently.

# A VA will improve your web site’s rankings through ample SEO best practices, resulting in accelerated digital leads for your business.

# A VA can manage and organize inquiries.

Now that you’re all eyes about what these solopreneurs can do, we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on delegation and outsourcing. Also, tell us the top three things from your to-do-list! We’re sure that our dynamite VA’s can make them check in a jiffy!


Author: Saumya Kaushik for Growup Technologies

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